International Partners

Startup Savanna

International partners

Startup Savanna is the international gateway to the Kenyan entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovative, disruptive, incremental and transformative ventures. Startup Savanna offers the following benefits to our international partners:

  • Access to a pipeline of startups at various stages of growth
  • Linkage with local ecosystem builders and startups
  • Valuable insight into the Kenyan innovation and business environment
  • Experience supporting a developing entrepreneurial ecosystem

International partner network

Global collaboration

Startup Savanna collaborates with international partners to support and develop activities that expose entrepreneurs to new innovation trends, showcasing their innovation and businesses to a global audience.

Startup Savanna collaborates with event organizers and conveners who are:

1. Network and communication partners for marketing events and conferences to the network of startups
2. Technical partner in design and delivery of events and conferences through speaker identification, startup and expert preparation
3. Co-convener for events focusing on Kenyan startups and ecosystem

Startup Savanna partners with international mentors who are:

1. Business experts, consultants and entrepreneurs willing to support entrepreneurs and startups with 3-4 months of mentorship in the 1:1 format. Minimum availability of 4 hours per month but can be more depending on the mentors and mentee agreement.
2. Less intensive 1:group format, 4 hours annually, as virtual or in-person mentorship sessions. Mentors can support in both 1:1 and 1:group formats.
3. Organisations running mentorship for startups and entrepreneurs willing to extend mentorship support to Kenyan startups

Startup Savanna collaborates with accelerators and incubators looking to expand their support, reach and offering to Kenyan startups, through:

1. Direct access to existing programs
2. Receiving applications from Kenyan applicants
3. Co-managing a program with a local Kenyan startup support organisation

Startup Savanna partners with Global investors looking to expand their investment portfolio and get access to high calibre startups from Kenya. Startup Savanna holds a database of high-level innovations and startups filtered to match investors criteria. Investors get access to the investment pipeline through:

1. Startup Savanna investor days
2. Individualised introduction to startups matching receiving investors criteria
3. Introductions to local institutional and angel investors and networks for syndicated deals

Startup Savanna collaborates with global corporate partners to enable collaborative partnerships with startups. These are either technology and innovation or business expansion partnerships for the mutual benefit of both corporates and startups. Startup Savanna, along with other KIEP partners, support the development of corporate-startup partnerships through:

1. Innovation hackathons and boot camps
2. Corporate-startup partnerships
3. Startup Demo days for corporates to access and assess startups for funding and partnerships

Startup Savanna enhances knowledge, learning and development of new business and technology concepts amongst Kenyan startups. Startup Savanna partners with education, research and learning organisations to provide courses and offerings to Kenyan startups. Startup Savanna will:

1. Promote opportunities to Kenyan startups
2. Support partner organisations identify and recruit top startups to work with

With a mandate to strengthen the Kenyan ecosystems access to international networks, Startup Savanna forms partnerships between the Kenyan startup enabler ecosystem and global peers. In collaboration with local stakeholders, Startup Savanna seeks to build mutual relationships with international startup enablers and networks giving Kenyan startups a platform to build relationships and partnerships.



International Partners

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